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(Yahoo!) - When Tyga was a teenager, he vowed to be a better father to his unborn children than his absentee father was to him.

The Compton rapper on Lil Wayne’s Young Money, Cash Money label penned his frustrations about the impact of his dad not being in his life in his 2009 song, “Dad’s Letter,” from his “The Potential” mixtape.

The song had new meaning to the hip hop artist last October when he celebrated the birth of King Cairo Stevenson, his son with his girlfriend Blac Chyna. He includes the track on his most recent album, “Hotel California.”

On the autobiographical song, Tyga raps about his youth, mainly getting into trouble and questioning the whereabouts of his father.

He raps about smoking cigarettes as a kid, buying a Ford Escort with a friend when he was 14, ditching school, and getting kicked out of the house when he was in the 10th grade.

Had his father been around, Tyga thinks he may have pursued a different route. “Kinda just wished you taught me how to be a man,” he raps.

Instead of an angry vent, “Dad’s Letter” is more reflective. On the chorus, he rhymes, “Growing up alls I wanted was a father figure, me and mom alone every dinner.”

Though some people raised by a single mother or father have no desire to be reunited with the estranged parent, Tyga makes it clear that he wants to be reconnected with his dad. “One day, I hope you hear this,” he raps, and even offers well wishes, “I hope you doing better.”


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