Our girl Ashlee Feldman from Ramiro's House was featured in a MTV Article on Friday but here's a little bit more info for our listeners to get to know her better.  

Q: How's your new "Southie" Living?

A: I've lived in southie before so I am not a total rookie to living here! However this time I'm really learning about the parking situation and how territorial the people of south boston are. The main rule, do not ever mess with a spot that's been dug out of the snow, ever. As a whole I love the southie scene and all the great things it has to offer. 

Q:Do you have enough space for everyone?

A: Well I am not small at 5'10, my boyfriend zach at 6'4 plus our two dogs makes it a tight but cozy squeeze. I had to have the shower head moved up because we couldn't fit under it! Absolutely nothing else could fit in our apartment, animal or human!

Q: Do you have any ‘new’ friends that you’ve made here in Boston?

A: I meet a ton of people at work events, the gym, the beach, the dog park... Everywhere! I'm not shy, so it makes it very easy to meet new people.
Q: What is your favorite HOT SPOT to go and hang out?

A: I love Stats and Lincoln (southie bars) and Amsterdam cafe is a hidden gem with the most magical frozen yogurt. I also frequent the harbor, love sitting outdoor on the water
Q: What do you do after your am show radio gig each day?

A: I workout and do whatever lift zach has come up with for the day and then I play basketball for a while. I come home, I do some show prep for the next days show and then my favorite part of the day, I eat! I am generally asleep before 9, grandma style.