Two fans of Beyonce claim the singer is partially responsible for the waiting line that grew raucous when the show's doors opened, resulting in injuries worthy of hospital care.  They are also suing Chicago's United Center and Live Nation Entertainment.

Two women claim to have been trampled before Beyonce's Live Nation concert  in Chicago last December and are suing the singer.

According to TIME, the fans stood outside the venue for several hours before the concert in hopes of being at the front during the concert.  However, the women say they were trampled by a "rushing mob" when the doors opened, leaving them with broken bones.

Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson filed a suit against the United Center, Live Nation Entertainment, AND Beyonce for contributing to the chaotic crowd. 

TIME reports that personnel opened the gates around 7 p.m. "without instruction or any reasonable system to permit and order entrance;" one of the claims filed in the suit.

Castellanos and Davidson were taken to a hospital after the incident; no representatives for any of the three defenses could be contacted.

Although, let's be real here, why sue for money when you can just ask to meet Bey?  Am I right?


Photo Credit: Getty Images