Last week, after the picture of Drake and Chris Brown in the studio surfaced online, everyone was pretty excited about the two finally putting aside their beef they had from years ago. 

TMZ spoke with the Hip Hop producer Mally Mall who claims he initiated ending the beef by bringing the two R&B artists to his Las Vegas home.

The producer didn’t just explain how it happened but he also had a few choice words for the reason their beef started in the first place, Rihanna. 

When asked if Rihanna was ever mentioned in the studio he said, “I think everyone gets the pictures now, you act like a jump off you get treated like one.” 

FYI - Urban Dictionary definition of ‘Jump Off’

1. a casual sexual partner or girlfriend 

2. a woman of dubious sexual practices 

3. anything new and/or hot; especially in reference to a party or material item