Chris Brown will stay in jail until April 23 after the judge shut down his lawyer’s request for release. 

The 24-year-old singer was arrested on Friday after getting kicked out of a Malibu rehab facility. He was being treated for anger management. 

On Monday, Brown appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom in an orange jumpsuit alongside his attorney Mark Geragos. 

The judge said that Brown has the, “inability to stay out of trouble,” and was troubled at a statement made at rehab, where he reportedly said, “I am good at using guns and knives.” 

He is to remain in jail until a D.C. jury decides if he committed criminal assault in his D.C. case. This goes to trail on April 17. 

 If brown in convicted in the D.C. case heh could potentially be sentenced to four years in prison for violating probation in the Rihanna case. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images