Emerging R&B star Miguel opened the show last night for Alicia Keys and man did he rock that stage.

The very talented singer landed the opening act for Alicia Keys 'Set the World on Fire Tour' and the crowd seemed very pleased with his upbeat, unpredictable performance. 

He sang everything from his previous hit, "Sure Thing" to his Grammy Award winning "Adorn" and even threw some reggae vocals in there to keep the crowd going. 

You can tell by Miguel's performance and interaction with the crowd that he is very passionate about what he does and loves keeping the crowd entertained. 

He even came out into the crowd for a song where people went wild over him! 

The singer opened up to the crowded arena about previous relationships and the way he was raised bringing the audience that much closer to the artist and his performance. 

He definitely left the crowd with a lasting impression saying, "Always keep simple things in mind like family respect honor and you should always ask questions. Because what is life but some collection of questions. Questions acknowledge what we care for stand for and believe in."

Very inspirational, talented artist who loves what he does, and we always love and recognize that! 

Miguel Fan Reactions

Stephen Lang 

Miguel fan Stephen Lang was pumped that Miguel actually came into the crowd and even got to touch his hand. "My favorite song is hard to choose but I loved 'Candle's in the Sun,' 'Thrill,' and of course 'Adorn.' I thought the show was excellent." 

This group of girl gave Miguels performance, "Two thumbs up." Not only did they think he look amazing on stage they loved the way he moved as well. Their favorite song he sang, "We definitely loved 'Quickie' but I really do like them all. He's just a great performer." 

Matty Lavrenza 

Matty is new Miguel listener and was blown away by his performance. "I didn't know what to expect, his voice is incredible, so smooth." He thought Miguel and Alicia Keys was a great pair, similar musical style. "I have to go get his CD, I will be listening to it tomorrow."