The question has been out there as rumors continue…Is Drake still a member of Young Money?

Nicki Minaj sat down with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex and he asked the First Lady her insight on the situation. 

Her answer wasn't the most straight forward thing we've heard:

"I feel like people's perception other reality is their perception of their reality," said Nicki, "Sometimes people make moves based on their perception of what reality is and i know that sounds like a riddle, but maybe one day you'll be able to unravel that one." 


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Drake was absent from the Rich Gang album that began the rumors that he had a falling out with the crew. 

But according to Nicki she isn't really sure what Drake is going through but knows how she feels about her crew. 

"All I can say is this, Lil' Wayne is everything to me. I can't speak for anyone else," she said. "What Young Money and Cash Money did for Nicki Minaj I could never repay them for so I am forever indebted to them." 

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The YMCMB rapper continued, "Whatever is going on now, obviously we're all very busy, and you know, shit happens. It gets a little hard to have a real connection when people are on two different sides of the world and working on different things. You never know who people got in their ear or what they feeling. Maybe they felt wronged in some way. I don't' know, but I just know that Drake is my baby and Wayne is my everything." 

So by the sounds of it maybe someone was wronged in some way….But as for Nicki…she's got love for everyone. 

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