J. Cole is everywhere these days and the rapper is most definitely on fire. 

The Born Sinner performed Friday at the iHeartRadio Music Festival - the largest music festival in the United States - flew straight to Chicago to pick back up on his 'What Dreams May Come Tour' and then hit Boston just a few days later. 

In an interview with Ramiro from JAM'N 94.5's Morning Show Cole admits he doesn't know how he does it. "I'm just trying to do it while I can, while i'm still young and still have the energy. We be moving non-stop."

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Prior to the show, J. Cole met with over 200 fans…and when we say 'met' them, Cole hugged them, had several conversations, signed all merchandise and took several photos. 

And the variety of people in that 200 person line was mind blowing. 

"I think about that a lot but especially today," Cole said in his interview, "I walk past you on the street I would never of expected they'd be fans and they're sitting here telling me they've been fans for 4 years. It's amazing, I feel blessed." 

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Despite J. Cole raging popularity the rapper is grounded, thanking each and every fan for taking their time to come to his show.

And more surprisingly J.Cole admitted in his interview that he wants to do a collaboration with none other than Aerosmith's, Steven Tyler. 

J. Cole hit the stage about 30 minutes after his opener, Wale, and the sold out Agganis Arena were defiantly in Cole mode as he opened revealing a full on band. 

Just as the lights go down and the crowd starts going wild a video of Breaking News footage appears on the screen, taking about J. Cole getting into a serious car accident and he is in critical condition...a true WTF moment.  

For everyone who hadn't seen him backstage it might of taken a second to realize that this was part of his show and would continue throughout the rest of the set. 

Cole opens with his fierce Born Sinner track, "Trouble," and it was obvious that he was into the show just as much as the audience was. 

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Of course the rapper gave his fans from day 1 a shout out performing his tracks from before power trip and it was mind blowing how many people around me knew every single word. 

The almost 2-hour set was caped with "Crooked Smile" and an encore performance of "Power Trip." 

J. Cole thanked his fans post show by tweeting ….