Kendrick Lamar took the stage at UMass Lowell last night to perform as part of Verge Campus Spring Tour 2013. 

The sold out show housed quite the variety of fans. The concert was General Admission so a majority of the audeince took to the floor section that quickly turned into one, extremely large dance party. 

Kendrick came out to quite the chaos as the crowd was already set up with great music in between sets to begin the party. He greeted the UMass crowed rockin' one of their school jerseys and dove right into some older tracks from Section.80.

The crowd was pretty rambunctious last night no matter what the song choice was but it was when Kendrick got into his good kid, m.A.A.d city songs that really got the crowd going and involved with his performance. 

The one thing that definitely stuck out about Kendrick's performance was that the background music would often cut out (on purpose) and he would continue rapping the verses to his songs on his own. 

He was definitely one of those performers that is constantly letting the audience yell into the mic for several verse' or yell them questions in seeking a response and would keep referring back to the fans that have been there with him since day one. 

The performance went from good to great when he dedicated it to the innocent people who lost their lives in the Boston marathon bombing stating that Boston is, "The strongest city on earth." 

All in all his performance was good, he is definitely a performer who engages with his audience and seeks getting them more crazy and interactive. Check out what some of the Kendrick Lamar fans thought of the show

Kendrick Lamar Fans tell us what they thought of the show:

Ikechukwu M. & Pade

The two friends from Lowell thought the show was awesome but wished he played his song 'Compton.' "It was awesoem that he acknowldged the victims," the guys said, "really cool of him to get out there and recognize what has been goign on." 

Morgan & Lydsey 

These two girls from Boston thought th eperofrmance was great! "He really knows how to work a crowd," they said, "The crowd out there went wild for him when he came on stage."

Kylie & Rashid

The couple from Boston had a blast at the show and were beyond pumped that they won our Meet and Greet contest. "He is a really great performer," they said, "There is definately a lot of energy here tonight and he was great at getting the crowd invovled."