In a recent interview, Lorde admitted that she likes being a little bit arrogant, as her name implies:

"I like making grand statements.  The name Lorde is quite grand and a little bit arrogant.  I like that, I like the intensity of it." Lorde said, according to Perez

When asked if she cared at all about being arrogant, Lorde said:

"I don't mind.  I'm a really big fan of Kanye West.  He's confident and I like that.  I'm not that confident in myself yet."

We can definitely see hints of Kanye's self-assurance in Lorde...minus the whole self-righteous aspect.

Kanye definitely has the self-confidence many wish for.  Although we think Lorde is pretty sure of herself, and definitely doesn't let the haters get to her, we hope she remains how she is now.

Lorde, continue to rule, you're amazing.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Information According to: Perez