Authorities say a man who allegedly set a neighbor's yard and house on fire on Wednesday was all because the neighbors grass was too tall? 


Cartersville police say 58-year-old Phillip Roger Bennett was involved in a apparent feud with Marty Corbitt, who lives across the street from Bennett and it ended in flames.

The two had been fine for years but Cobitt said that Bennett started complaing about the length of his grass,

"My grass is too tall for him." Corbitt said, "I was going to cut it today when he set it on fire."

Corbitt said that he was watching cartoons with his 3-year-old daughter, Kylie, when Bennett came over with two gas cans and a lighter.  ”And then he grabs the gas can, starts pouring it into the kitchen. As he’s pouring, he takes his lighter and lights it. Flames were everywhere,” Corbitt said.  As flames erupted around him, Corbitt grabbed his daughter and got out of the burning home that belonged to his grandmother. Corbitt said he lost everything in the fire. 

It is clear that this guy does not F@#* around when it comes to the curb appeal of his neighborhood …..