After recently taking heat for donning “white face” to promote his new album, Nick Cannon has found himself in another awkward (?) situation. 


The actor/rapper told Howard Stern that his wife doesn’t know who Kim Kardashian is,  which would make sense if she lived under a rock.

While we know Mariah Carey does not live like Patrick Star, we think Cannon was covering for his wife who, the way Cannon talks about her in the interview, makes her seem extremely self-conscious.

According to Cannon, the last time he was on Stern’s show he got in trouble for his brute honesty.  Stern was adamant on finding out about Cannon’s sexual conquests before marrying Carey.

One of the first things Cannon said while on Stern's show again, was “people feel like they can ask me anything, because I say anything.  I’m brutally honest, and now my wife doesn’t like when I come on your show!” he told Stern. 


“She doesn’t care when I talk about our sex life, because our sex life is amazing.  She’s one of the most beautiful women in the world,” he continued of his supserstar wife with whom he has two children. 


“But when we bring it up – I’m not gonna do it – other people’s names, she’s like ‘Why would you even do that?’” 


Of course, Stern pressed Cannon…again… and said “Oh, the other people you’ve had sex with? That drives a woman nuts.”

“Absolutely,” responded Cannon.  But, things got a little weird for the duo later on in the interview..

Stern claimed that during his previous encounter with Cannon, Carey was probably most upset that they talked about Cannon's past with Kim Kardashian.

However, Cannon said that wasn't the case.

"You know, I don't think so, no.  'Cause honestly, my wife, she don't even know who Kim Kardashian is...she doesn't pay attention that that."

Mariah, come on now, you know who she is.

Although we think Cannon has been acting strange lately, and the way he bluntly talks about his relationship with Carey is awkward at times, we understand where she's coming from.

It's good to see a woman of Mariah Carey's success feeling self-conscious or even jealous of others; it makes them more real. 



Photo Credit: Getty Images