Really world?  This is what we’re doing with our lives?

The latest craze to hit the internet is the #AfterSex selfie which is exactly what it sounds like.  In fact, taking a selfie after you’ve had sex might be the new thing; so long post-coital cigarettes.

See for yourself; just search the NSFW hashtag on Instagram and you can see  the variety of photos.  From raunchy cartoons, to the obvious memes, and a number of photos of Dave Franco (no clue why), etc., once you sift through the joke images, you’ll get to the good (?) stuff.

Keep an eye out for the obviously filtered photos of couples who…just did the deed.  At least they look relaxed?

It’s not like showing off relationship bliss is all that new though.  Couples around the world have been posting photos and status updates referencing their “bf” or “gf” for years.  But in the era of the selfie, groupie, and whatever other “ie’s” there are, the #AfterSex selfie is definitely pushing digital boundaries to a new level. 

Now, this may seem like the ultimate overshare of life’s most intimate/private moments, but it’s just an extension of a culture that places significance on constantly sharing details about your life…even if it makes other people cringe.  With apps like Secret and Whisper, there is a confessional trend that encourages users to share their true thoughts anonymously – no repercussions.

Obviously many of the #AfterSex photos are fake – let’s be real, it takes a sincere lack of self-awareness to post a photo of yourself in any sort of post-sexual state…but that doesn’t matter.  By declaring it a trend it will become one (whether we like it or not).

In a time where we ask ourselves “with this look good in an Instagram pic,” before buying that outfit in a store, it’s scary to think about whether or not we will start consciously snapping our most personal moments. 

"Instead of thinking about what’s just happened with another human being, we’ll be arranging our every move the way we arrange the food on our plates so that everything looks right before you decide on an image filter," argued TIME.

According to TIME, some social scientists think that posting selfies can be a healthy exercise for young people struggling to express themselves.

We can’t help to think though, that #aftersex might be taking it a little too far.

Click here to view some of the NSFW selfies now.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Information Credit: Buzzfeed, TIME