Hip Hop Goes Hollywood! 

Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg, Eminem and LL Cool J have made the list of ‘The Best Rappers- Turned-Actors’ 

There is no questions that Will Smith is the most successful rapper turned actors. He might be the most popular actor on the planet. 

Mark Wahlberg had a brief stint as frontman for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch but has done his best to help us forget his rapping career by forcing everyone focus on his absolutely superb acting career. 

We wouldn’t really call Em an actor. Aside from hit small parts in movies and television, he really only had one major tole as Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith, Jt. in the semi-autobiographical movie 8 Mile

LL Cool J is the Will Smith of television. LL has been in his fair share of big screen flicks, but with his long history of TV acting on In the House and NCIS; Los Angeles and hosting the last three Grammy Awards, he’s definitely rap’s king of the small screen. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images