So there was this one time that a gossip magazine published Lindsay Lohan's infamous collection of sexual conquests written on a note pad.

Ever since the list was released to the public, the validity of the list was a huge question.

However, on last night's Lindsay-only episode of Watch What Happens Live, the actress confirmed that the list is the real deal!

In an intense game of Plead The Fifth, host Andy Cohen asked LiLo three questions -- giving her the option to only pass up on one.

Like any smart person, Andy left the most explosive question until the end in the hopes Lindsay would skip either question 1 or 2...his wish was granted when Lindsay refused to answer the second question.

Check out Lindsay's confession below... it really isn't what you think.

So sad this unfortunate, private information, was leaked.



Photo Credit: Getty Images

Video Credit: (Watch What Happens Live)