1. ATTENTION! Since when did Valentine's Day become a female dominated holiday? Ladies, lets give our guys the attention they deserve and want!

2. Pleasing their loved one. Guys would liek nothing more than yo know their Valentine's Day efforts were greatly appreciated. So thank him for whatever he does for you! 

3. A romantic dinner and spending time with YOU! Valentine's Day is the Hallmark holiday for romance so guys probably just want to spend time with their date and be romantic.

4. ALCOHOL! Duh. I mean what guy wouldn't want to sit around with their Valentine and have some beers without being accused of not being romantic enough. Get him his favorite drink and let him sit back, relax and have a couple drinks with you. 

5. A low-key date night. Ladies, lets try and avoid the fuss of big crowds and all of the typical Valentine's Day rituals, like big fancy expensive restaurants that require reservations. He'll get there someday. 

6. Not to feel pressured. Don't feel bad if Valentine's day didn't go the way you wanted. let's just be happy that our men sent us flowers at work. Remember, it's the thought that counts. 

7. PASSION! Obviously.

8. A GIFT! We women get the flowers and chocolates, get your man something to enjoy as well! 

9. A couple's massage! Pampering is NOT just for women, so ladies lets give our men a rejuvenating, relaxing surprise.

10. A relaxing night at home. A stress-free, comfy, romantic night in the comfort of your own home...Doesn't get much better than that.