Source- The term "YOLO" -- You Only Live Once--- has officially been added into the Oxford Dictionary's online database. 

Although the phrase has been commonly used throughout the English language for a long time, its' short acronym "YOLO" has been popularized after Drake released his 2011 song "The Motto" featuring Lil' Wayne.

Here is the the chorus as most of us already know:

"Now she want a photo, you already know though, you only live once that's the motto n***a YOLO"

YOLO is not the only term added to the Oxford Dictionary with a hip-hop origin.. 

The term "cray" short for the word "crazy" has also been added to the dictionary. "Cray" traces from Jay-Z & Kanye West's 2011 hit "N***as in Paris" with the chorus: 

"Ball so hard motherf***ers wanna fine me... That sh*t cray"


(photo credit: Getty images)