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DM: Where did you go shopping for your Summer Jam look?
R: A little bit of Nordstrom and a little bit of Bodega. I got a bunch of different options and went to my friends Santi and Ashlee, aka America's Next Top Model judges, and I texted them pictures and said "What do you think?" My fashion game isn't as bad as I thought. Ashlee texted me "I'm so proud of you", and I'm like, "Ok I'm not 12 and you're not my mom."
DM: Did your style change when you started working out more?
R: Of course! I try to wear stuff that's more fitting to show off my physique.
DM: I'm surprised you have clothes on right now since it's so hot.
R: Ha! Don't ask, I will take my shirt off in a heartbeat. If you said that before I had the BBQ I would have been more willing to take my shirt off.
DM: What shades do you have on?
R:Honestly, I don't go over ten dollars for my sunglasses because I either lose them or break them. Who cares. And if you judge me for my glasses then I'll find something to pick on you for.


DM: What's new with your fashion line, Modus Collection? Tell me about the new collection.
S: The new collection is simplified and updated. I call it the Passion & Dreams collection. It solidifies everything I've ever wanted out of the line.
DM: Where do you find your inspiration for new collections?
S: I kind of go at it like creating an album, song by song. I make something that I would wear and hope it represents the masses.
DM: Any celebs wearing it lately?
S: Zach from the Real World and the Challenges.
DM: Do you have any other projects going on?
S: Goodrepculture.com is my new Cross-Fit inspired line.


DM: Where did you get your dress?
A: 344 at the Natick Mall. I saw it hanging up and I was like, "Dude! That's the one!"
DM: You have to wake up pretty early in the morning for work. Do you go in casual or do you really get ready?
A: We are firm believers that you dress how you feel and how you feel is how you look to everyday. Santi and I come in correct. Ramiro jokes that it's a fashion contest. I could leave there and go out if I wanted to. I do my makeup and hair every morning. So at 3:30 in the morning, Santi, Ramiro and I get up, we shower, and we get ready.
DM: You shower together?
A: Ha! No.
DM: How would you describe your style?
A: I'm a little punk rock. I love combat boots and yoga pants. The sock bun is my staple.


DM: Did the stylist give you anything to keep from your Leggo video?
BS: Yes, hats and kicks. I'm a sneaker man so if anything is laying around I try to scoop it up.
DM: What are your favorite kicks right now?
BS: I'm rocking a lot of Nike right now. I'm usually a Jordans guy but I've been wearing a lot of Nike.
DM: Have you shopped locally in Boston?
BS: We actually just went to the mall. We don't have a lot of time to wash clothes.
DM: Which one?
BS: Emerald Square
DM: What stores did you hit up?
BS: Journeys, Footlocker, Champs
DM: How would you describe your style?
BS: Young, fresh, hip, and new.


DM: Your Gangsta video screams Versace. Did you wear a lot of Versace pieces?
KD: Yes, I got them at a vintage store in Miami.
DM: How would you describe your style?
KD: It's a mixture of urban and glam. At the end of the day, I'm a beach girl Growing up in Miami, my uniform was a bikini. When I moved to NY I really started to explore fashion. There's so many more options and it's not as hot so you want to wear clothes.
DM: What has been your biggest fashion splurge?
KD: This Versace chain I'm wearing. It's the most expensive thing I own. It was a G.
DM: Love your kicks!
KD: Thanks! They're Coach. I got them on sale.


DM: Who's your favorite designer?
JH: Louis, Gucci, but I'm also big on street wear from Urban Outfitters. I love custom stuff too.
DM: How many pairs of sneakers do you own?
JH: Probably 250 pairs including Gucci, Louis, Nike, and Adidas.
DM: If someone wanted to copy your style on a limited budget, what would you suggest?
JH: You can get away with wearing t-shirts really cheap. I'm big on sunglasses. You gotta have a snapback and a belt. A high end belt either Gucci or Louis. You always gotta have wrist wear. One of my favorite lines is Nooka but tonight I'm wearing a Swatch.
DM: What has been your biggest fashion splurge so far?
JH: I got a pair of red bottoms


DM: It's so hot today. Do you have any tips for looking good in humidity? What makeup brands hold up great on stage in the heat?
E: I have two with me- Ben Nye loose powder and Mac pressed powder. I'll be applying a lot before stage!
DM: Your shoes are amazing. What brand are they?
E: I got them from a store in London called Village Bicycle. One of those stores that has crazy cool things.
DM: How would you describe your style?
E: Schizophrenic. I literally dress to my mood. Whatever I'm feeling
DM: What designers are you wearing a lot of lately?
E: Monica Chang. She's one of my favorites. It's sexy, and edgy.


DM:Tell me about your fashion line Trilly & Truly.
LF: It was my little foray into the world of fashion. It was a passion project. We made everything in Japan.
DM: How involved were you with the day to day operations?
LF: I was involved with designing, marketing, sales, everything. I got a good idea of the business.
DM: Will you be coming out with anything soon?
LF: It depends. If I have a good idea, I will do something.
DM: How would you describe your personal style?
LF: I'm de-concentrated. Whatever works. I don't have to know the name. It doesn't' matter if it costs $2 or 2k.
DM: Did the stylist let you keep anything from the Battle Scars video?
LF: The shorts! I've worn them on stage like 7 times so far. I love them!
DM: What brand are they?
LF: An Australian brand called Chronicles.


DM: How would you describe your style?
SK: Casual
DM: What designers have you been wearing a lot of lately?
SK: I love Gucci, Louis, Givenchy.
DM: Did you keep anything from your Beat It video?
SK: I kept most everything from that video. Great Givenchy stuff. It was pretty cool.
DM: If someone wanted to copy your style on a limited budget, what would you suggest?
SK: Levis, Timberlands, and shop at Macy's.


DM: How would you describe your style?
JC: Laid back. I throw on whatever looks good. I don't over think it. My style is evolving. I'm getting better at it.