Everyone's favorite Morning Show doing what they do best backstage.  What a good looking crew! 



Her signature J-Lo glow looked great on and off stage.



DM: What's your favorite thing you've been able to keep from any recent photo or video shoots for Good Kid M.A.A.D City?

KL: Everything! I ain't gonna say one particular thing. I came from a place where you don't have money coming up in the neighborhood to buy these things. You gonna take everything whether it's Nike or Chucks, everything!

DM: Who designed your hat?

KL: My partner Marquel. He's doing his thing. Everything is really indy with me.



DM: How would you describe your style?

JJ: A skateboard, stoner, hip-hop look.

DM: Great chains! Do you wear every single chain even when you're in the house? Ha ha

JJ: Thanks! I might wear one or two.

DM: You just shot a couple of videos. Did your stylist hook you up with anything?

JJ: She hooks me up from Louis to Givenchy. 



DM: What might surprise your fans that you do fashion-wise?

TD$: I buy a new pair of Vans every 2 days if I have time.

DM: What's your most recent favorite thing your stylist hooked you up with?

TD$: All white leather leather Chucks. 

DM: Where is your favorite place to shop?

TD$: Open Ceremony in LA.

DM: How long have you had dreads for?

TD$: Since 05



DM: Do you have any fashion collaborations in the works? 

YG: I have a line about to come out in the fall. I can't say too much about it. 

DM: What's it called?




DM: What designers have you been into lately?

DJM: HBA, Givenchy, everything. I'm really into fashion. I get my stuff custom made from HBA in my size.



DM: Every time we talk you have a new fabulous fashion collaboration in the works. 

Tell me what's up!

B: I have my label No Genre and I'm working on a hat collaboration. I also have a project in the works with a very popular clothing brand but I can't say who yet. 

DM: Who have you been wearing a lot of lately? 

B: Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, the usual suspects. I like Louis kicks too.  Every time Louis drops a new shoe, I get it. I don't want to be the rapper buying Louis, but...

DM: But it's soooo good!

B: So good! Ha ha. 

DM: Thanks for catching up!

B: Hugs for my thugs! 



DM: Tell me about your bracelets.

LJ: Some fans gave me these the other day. They took the time to make them so I'm going to wear them. 

DM: I love that!



DM: What's new with your line Alumni Clothing?

KI: Alumni is still doing the collaboration with Dope growing that as our personal lifestyle brand. Reebok Classics sponsored the tour so I've been doing a lot of things with Reebok lately. 

DM: Who would you love to collaborate with right now?

KI: Skingraft. I like their new wave and how they're edgy. I feel like fashion brands these days just take the same look and see how they can flip it on their on. Skingraft really has a new thing going on. 



DM: How would you describe your style?

T: Sporty, hip-hop, tom boyish and there's another side of me that's more sultry and sexy. I like to be able to do both. 

DM: Is your everyday style similar to what you wore in the 2 On video?

T: My video self is a heightened version of what I'm like day to day. I try to be true to who I am in my videos.

DM: Did you get to take home anything from that shoot that you love?

T: I recently was able to take home some Giuseppe Zanotti shoes that I'm obsessed with.

DM: Are they comfortable to perform in?

T: No. Ha ha. They are so stiff and like art so they are hard to dance in.

DM: What shoes are comfortable to perform in?

T: The only ones that are comfortable to perform in are Jordans or Nikes.

DM: What beauty products are you currently obsessed with?

T: I wash my face with X Out and I've been wearing a lot of Nars makeup. My favorite hair products are Aveda. 



DM: You have amazing hair! What products do you use?

MC: Thanks! I use pink hair lotion everyday.

DM: You're a local guy. Where do you shop in Boston?

MC: Bodega. I'm there all the time. I just dropped my own line "Is This Art?"

DM: Where can you buy it?

MC: rapthingy.com