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DJ Pup Dawg

Even though he now claims residency in Boston, his hard-working, West Coast roots seem to have served him well. DJ Pup Dawg has worked with and entertained the best of the best in the music biz. He's known for working with major artists, including J. Cole, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Sean Paul and he's now consulting and mixing for Samantha J out of Jamaica and international superstar, Kat Deluna.

Currently, Pup is featured from 10-3 p.m. with the "Back In The Day Buffet" mix at 12 p.m., and he takes you home with the "5 o'Clock Traffic Jam" Monday through Friday. He is also featured on Pitbull’s Globalization & on the reggae station The Joint Ch.42 on SiriusXM & Pup can also be heard on Hot 104.7 in Maine, as well as Spin Cycle on iHeartRadio. His talents have also been heard on Shade45's Lorde & Sear Show, Chicago's WGCI and Wired in Philly.

In 2015, Pup added the Rhythmic version of Hollywood Hamilton’s Weekend Top 30 to his resume. Each week, Pup features exclusive backstage and in-studio interviews with the hottest Hip Hop artists such as JCole, Kendrick Lamar, Pitbull and Drake, while counting down the top thirty hits of the week & rockin an old school quick mix. More on Weekend Top 30 go to


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