An average American spends THREEEEEE hours on Social Media???!!!! REALLY???? I rather take my time to excel!
I use social to talk to people that rock with me, ONLY while Im on air, outside of that, I try to limit myself to 20mins A DAY (and that's only to see what people are saying to me & a few scrolls to see if I can catch anything from people I actually know). I might sound old OR I might sound like a professional, call it what you want. I call it NOT WASTING MY TIME! Watching what others are doing & living in other peoples fantasy world hoping that I can "buy that or be there", that does NOTHING for me. Any professional business man or anyone professional in their craft will NOT waste time to see what others are doing ALL THE TIME.
Bottom line, LIMIT YOURSELF, spend your time WISELY!!! You'll NEVER get that time back! Click Here
to see much people are WASTING their time and my opinion their LIFE away