Eminem & Rihanna’s Monster Tour kicked off last night to a sold out crowd at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles.  The two superstars, who will now travel together to Detroit and New York City, did not hold anything back on the opening night.  They ran through all of their hit records during the three hour performance and threw in some great surprises.  


The show began with Eminem and Rihanna on stage together before breaking off into hour long solo sets and finishing the show on stage together again.  


Check out fan-shot footage and the full set list below


Set List (+ both/ * Rihanna solo/ ** Eminem solo)

“Numb” +
“No Love (Don’t Hurt Me)” +
“Run This Town” +
“Live Your Life” *
“Crack a Bottle” **
“Won’t Back Down” +
“What Now” *
“Phresh Out the Runway” *
“Cake” *
“Talk That Talk” *
“Rude Boy” *
“What’s My Name?” (remixed with Trey Songz’ “Na Na”) *
“Pour It Up” *
“Cockiness (Love It)” *
“Man Down” *
“You Da One” *
“Wait Your Turn” *
“Jump” *
“Umbrella” *
“All of the Lights” *
“Rockstar 101″ * “Where Have You Been” *
“Stay” *
“Love the Way You Lie” +
“3 a.m.” **
“Square Dance” **
“Business” **
“My Dad’s Gone Crazy” **
“Evil Deeds” **
“Rap God” **
“Marshall Matters” **
“Still Don’t Give a F–k” **
“Criminal” **
“The Way I Am” **
“Airplanes” (Paramore cover) +
“Stan” +
“Like Toy Soldiers” **
“Forever” (Drake cover) **
“Berzerk” **
“Till I Collapse” **
“Cinderella Man” **
“The Real Slim Shady” **
“Without Me” **
“Not Afraid” **
“Diamonds” *
“We Found Love” (Acoustic & Regular Versions) *
“Lose Yourself” **
“The Monster” +

Photo: Getty Images
Source: Billboard