WARNING: Explicit Content


Ludacris posted what seemed to be a joke yesterday to his Instagram account — but Adam “Pacman” Jones does not find it funny.

 The IG post shows a picture of girls sitting on guys shoulders.  It then has another picturing focusing on one of the girls (who’s much bigger than the others) and a final picture of Adam “Pacman” Jones in a neck brace.  


Although it seems like the post is just aiming to show a guy with a hurt neck — and Pacman’s picture is probably one of the only pictures floating around the internet that showcase a guy in a neck brace (he had neck surgery in 2010) — but Pacman did not like the post.


Pacman commented: “@ludacris nice post, now when I see you I’m beat your ass… Now post that #pussy”


Press Play below for Luda's throwback “Southern Hospitality" featuring Pharrell



Photo: Getty Images

Source: XXL