Today (Feb 6) would have marked Bob Marley's 69th birthday.  The iconic singer/song writer and human rights advocate was born in 1945 and only lived to be 36 after he lost a battle with brain cancer.  We honor Bob's life by bringing you his 1979 Harvard Stadium performance in its entirety.  This legendary concert featured Bob Marley & The Wailers, and others such as Patti Labelle.  The concert was put together to benefit the on-going liberation struggles in Africa.  The show was one of Bob's last, he went to Sweden for experimental cancer treatment shortly after and never performed again.  He returned to his home in Jamaica where he eventually passed away in 1981.





Below find another live show from Bob Marley & The Wailers in Boston.  The audio on this one is clear as day and the show is from 1978.







Also, listen to "Marley Masterpiece," a mix of the best tracks from Bob and the rest of the Marley family.




 Photo Credit: Marley Arkives