Delete Your Personal Info From this Public Website ASAP

The public site Family Tree Now has raked through thousands and thousands of documents and tied together a ton of your personal info, including names, ages and addresses - PLUS, the names of all your family and close friends with links to their info online. If you have kids, it's complied all of their info too.

Horrifying? Yes, but the good news is, you CAN delete all of this info. Once you're on the site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Privacy." About half-way down the page you'll see a sentence that reads, "We use Google to track data and you can OPT OUT of the tracking here." CLICK THAT! All you have to do then is search for yourself, then click the 'OPT OUT' option it gives you.

They say it usually takes about 48 hours to remove all the data.

If you value your privacy and the safety of yourself, your friends and family at all you will opt out of this site and share this with your friends!

Photo credit: Getty Images


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