Doctors Issue Warning About One Of America's Most Popular Foods - If You Eat It, Stop ASAP

We've all tried a cheap cup of noodles and some of us have even enjoyed it.

However, a licensed doctor in Massachusetts has the internet questioning whether they will ever eat instant Ramen noodles again.

The doctor used a camera the size of a pill to find out what happens while the body digests pre-cooked noodles and found that the noodles were still intact after two hours...

Here's the catch: as long as the noodles remain in the stomach, so do all the noodles' additives, including all those nasty toxic preservatives. This could become very bad for your health and send you to an early grave. 

Especially if you are a women or eat noodles two to three times a week, you are at increased risk of developing cardiometabolic syndrome which in turn raises the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. 

In this case, maybe it's worth it to opt for the more expensive noodle option.

Check out this video of Ramen being digested:


Read more from USA Today and Daily Mail.


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