These Will Be the Most Popular Baby Names in 2017

Need baby name ideas? reported on the top 100 baby names for 2017, predicted by baby name experts based on recent trends. 

Some of the more common names include: Dylan, Emilia, Remy, Sadie, Sasha and Simone.

Then there are some of the old fashion names that are expected to make a comeback in 2017: Amos, Baxter, Beatrice, Birdie, Clara, Esther, Frank, Goldie, Gus, Isadora, Lionel, Monty, Otis, Ozzie, Quincy, Ray, Reuben, Ruth, Tallulah, Vera, and Winston.

Some stem from pop culture inspirations: Arrow, Bowie, Thor, and Zelda.

And then, there are the strangest of the bunch: Calliope, Echo, Indigo, Keziah, Lachlan, Loxley, McCoy, Osiris, Saskia, and Zinnia.

Check out the complete list here!


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