Atlanta Pit Bull Kills 6-Year-Old Boy, Leaves 5-Year-Old Girl Seriously Injured


Three children were walking to school at 7:30am when two were brutally attacked by two dogs. Logan Braatz, 6, died from the pit bull attack, and Syria Sanders, 5, was hospitalized for her injuries. 

Neighbors and adults heard the screams and ran to help the kids with sticks and bats in hand. By the time a relative of Syria's arrived, "the dog at the time was mauling on [her] great niece and she wasn't moving. There was nothing we could do because [the dogs] kept coming back, kept coming back."

CBS 46 and WXIA reported that one dog had to be shot by police and the other was taken into custody. The dog's owners, Cameron Tucker, was arrested and charged with two counts of reckless conduct, according to People.



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