Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor's Three Kids, Came Home and Found House Completely Different

Meet Tisha Beauchmin, a mother of five and soon to be, "guardian angel."

Her neighbor, a single mom named Audrey, asked Tisha to watch after her three children one night while she went into the hospital for testing. Unfortunately, Audrey's test results came back: she had stage two esophageal and stomach cancer, and passed away only weeks later. 

Before she passed away and as her condition worsened, Tisha asked Audrey to care for her children on a more permanent basis, as she didn't know what to do. Tisha, having lived in a foster home herself, could not fathom Audrey's children entering the same system she'd struggled in.

She decided to take action but could not imagine what it would take to raise eight small children, as she had five of her own and three of Audrey's.

The video below of Tisha's story will stun you:



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