The Worst Food from Every State, According to Everyone

Here are some good ones, but check out the full list from Thrillest of the most disgusting foods from every single state that only the state's natives can tolerate:

Massachusetts: Marshmallow Fluff

In ye olde New England, classics are typically gut-sticking dishes with hardscrabble roots: Boston baked beans, creamy clam chowdah. Hell, even scrod -- which sounds like the wet bunch in Sully's nether regions five hours after the packy run -- is young, tender fish. But in Marshmallow Fluff -- a creepy white substance with connections to neither land nor sea -- Massachusetts salutes its all-processed American destiny: Literal tubs of the stuff, blindingly white and strangely shiny, are the apex of lab "food." Fittingly, the sandwich named for this sticky white stuff, fluffernutter, could be confused with insider-speak for a porn warm-up. Spackle it on white bread with peanut butter -- two other processed foodstuffs with enough sugar to kill a small deer -- and you've got yourself a straight, sweet shot to diabetes. 

New Hampshire: Grape-Nuts ice cream

The Granite State may have taken its nickname a bit too literally with this WTF ice cream. Take one delicious, creamy cold treat and then completely ruin it with grandpa's favorite cereal. New Englanders may argue that this adds a crunchy counterpoint to the lush dessert. But the texture (and flavor) of concrete pebbles -- and the chipped filling -- is something we need like buckshot in the back of the head. We just expected more from a state whose motto is "Live Free or Die," like maybe one dessert worth the heart disease.

New York: Garbage plate

Contrary to popular belief, New York doesn't begin in Coney Island and end somewhere around 125th St. And you'll be happy to know they are into some weird shit up there -- the adorably named garbage plate is proof enough. Remember when you were 5 and you took everything in your parents' fridge, put it in a bowl, and microwaved it? Well, they've been selling a grown-up facsimile of that pile o' crap in Rochester, Buffalo, Saratoga, and all of upstate New York even before the Bills were around to start losing football games. Legend has it a college student showed up at Nick Tahou Hots and asked for a plate with "all the garbage" on it. He got the entire kitchen: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, eggs, home fries, baked beans, haddock, macaroni salad, Italian sausage, chicken tenders, and… look, I can't keep naming the ingredients or I will kill your data plan. It was everything. The point is, the garbage plate is a white-hot tornado of trashy, obnoxious brilliance. Just like the best Bills fans, actually.

Rhode Island: Chop suey sandwich

Chop suey -- an American-Chinese dish that consists of meat, eggs, vegetables, and often noodles cooked in a starch-thickened sauce -- isn't exactly the most attractive of dishes. Slapping it between two hamburger buns doesn't make it any prettier. But while the chop suey sandwich is uglier than a subway rat in a Christmas sweater,  it is also insanely delicious. It packs all the umami and salty flavor of your favorite Chinese takeout dish and places it conveniently between two pieces of bread. The good news is you don't have to use chopsticks. Sure, it's messy, but hey, that's what napkins were invented for.



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