Mom Devastated to See Doctors Had Implanted Devil's Horns In 5-Year-Old Son

When little George Ashman was born in 2006, he didn't have horns, but he did have a very prominent birthmark.

The deep, red birthmark was so prominent that his mother was terrified for her son:

"When he was born, immediately my mind raced forward 10 years. George would be the picked-on kid with no friends, no girlfriend," mom Karen Ashman of Somerset, United Kingdom, told the Daily Mail.

Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London implanted balloons that stretched out the skin on his forehead. Ashman says she was shocked by the transformation.

Over a period of four months, the balloons filled with his body's natural fluid and stretched the skin around his birthmark. Doctors were able to use the stretched skin to replace the unsightly birthmark and, now, only a minor scar can bee seen on his forehead.

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