Man Murdered Girlfriend During Rough Sex On Valentine’s Day

Chico Fierro, pleaded guilty to killing Karyna Rodriguez, who suffered severe internal injuries during sex in 2015, following a night of drinking, in which he also took pictures of her unconscious body on a mattress covered in blood.

He had told police in El Paso, Texas, that he and his girlfriend had ‘rough sex’ and then had fallen asleep but officers later found photos on his phone of her lying on the mattress surrounded by blood.

The body of Ms Rodriguez, who was also a student at New Mexico State University, was later found in an apartment at midday on February 15, 2015.The Mirror UK revealed that Fierro’s ex-girlfriends told cops he liked to vigorously insert objects into his partners during sex – describing some of the same sex acts he is said to have engaged with with Rodriguez before she died.

A preliminary autopsy determined she bled to death from severe internal injuries that apparently took place during sex, the El Paso Times reported.The El Paso County medical examiner, Dr. Juan Contín, also told 384th District Court that Rodriguez was probably still alive when she was fatally injured but was likely to have been unconscious based on the volume of blood loss.

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