Woman Gives Birth to Daughter, But Weeks Later Her Doctor Says There are 2 More Babies Inside Her

Eliza and her partner knew their lives were going to change when they had a baby.  But they never expected it to change this much.

Eliza gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in January.  She had believed in an old wives' tale that said women who were breastfeeding couldn't get pregnant.  She was son convinced by this that she and her partner didn't use contraception in the weeks after she gave birth to their daughter.

So, it was a complete shock when, just 6 weeks after their daughter's birth, they discovered Eliza was pregnant again...this time with twins.  

In the span of one year, she gave birth to three babies.  It's not impossible, but it's very uncommon.  The family seems to be doing well.  What an incredible story!

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