Domino's Sends Its 'Baddest B*tch' Out for Deliveries

Saucy snap of sassy Domino's delivery guy flashing a $20 bill goes viral after a college student instructed the fast-food chain to send its 'baddest b***h' along with his order. 

This is epic!! 

via Daily Mail, 'College students ordering pizza is nothing to write home about, but one 20-year-old turned his delivery man into an online star after he asked Domino's to send its 'baddest b***h' along with his food.

Ford Reynolds, a 20-year-old student at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, was with his friends in Fredonia, New York, when he decided to leave some pretty cheeky delivery instructions for his Domino's delivery man, writing: 'send ur baddest b***h plzzzzz'.

The delivery man ended up relishing in the challenge, and he proudly flashed a $20 bill popping a squat with the group's pizza boxes. '

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