Mother's Boyfriend Kills 2-Year-Old Daughter and the Reason Why Leaves Police Sick

2-year-old Aliyah was left in the hands of her mother's 21-year-old boyfriend, Jamarius Devonti Graham. The young toddler had an accident and spoiled her bed, and that's when Graham snapped.

He spanked the toddler twenty times with his belt, before taking a plastic hanger and beating her with it until it broke. 

When her mother returned home, she noticed the wounds on her daughter's body and that she was having difficulty breathing. She feared calling the police immediately out of fear that her daughter would be taken away from her.

90 minutes passed and Aaliyah's mother finally called for help... but it was too late and her daughter was pronounced dead at UF Health Jacksonville. 

She had suffered from trauma to her head, torso, and limbs and there was fluid in her lungs and brain that caused swelling. 

The boyfriend, Graham, pled guilty and faces up to 30 years for what he did. 

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