Teacher Gets Pregnant After Tornado Nearly Kills Her, But She’s Floored By Her Next Ultrasound


Hero alert! Karen Marinelli is a first grade teacher in Moore, OK. Then suddenly a regular day of school took a turn for the worst. The day was interrupted by the blaring of the tornado siren and this was no small tornado, it was classified as an EF5.

Karen selflessly put herself in between the tornado and her students. She protected them from the horrible storm and nearly lost her life in the process; a 2,000 pound car crushed her. After Karen was rescued the first responders marveled at her ability to shield her young charges.

Karen had a long road of recovery ahead, she spent months in a wheelchair before she could walk again. But when she finally felt herself again and was able to go through the tornado relief donations she found a box of baby girl clothes- dare she hope?

Watch the video for the big reveal!!!


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