Girl Dies After Using Too Much of a Product We All Use Everyday

The Daughtry family has been left stunned after their 12-year-old daughter, Paige, died from using too much deodorant.

According to her family, Paige was obsessed with spraying herself using aerosol deodorant and used it as though it was "going out of fashion."

It's believed that she overused the product so much in her room, that the butane and isobutane from the fumes caused her to pass out on her bed. Her parents found her face down and Paige was rushed to the hospital. She died two hours later, despite numerous attempts to save her.

According to the forensic pathologist, Dr. Jonathan Metcalfe, Paige's cause of death was '"inhalation of volatile substances."

"Analysis of brain samples revealed two substances present in aerosols - they are known as volatile substances. They are known to be present in deodorant which was present at the scene," Dr. Metcalfe said. "Their presence is consistent with inhalation. Death may result from the toxicological effects. The substances are butane and isobutane. There was no natural disease that has contributed to her death."

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