Nicki Minaj Starts Beef with Another Female Rapper?

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AllHipHop posted a comment from Instagram showing Nicki Minaj take a shot at rapper / former reality TV actress Cardi B.

Read the full story here and the post below:

Home Girl needs to be the last person liking a comment about "Dumb-ass bars" when she really haven't had any good bars since 2010. I can't wait to hear people spin this around by saying "It's just a like on a comment, she's not hating, or Cardi B probably started it." No! This is what she does! This woman has been hating on other female rappers while saying she respects them before her career even started. Kim said years ago that Home Girl wanted to be the only female rapper out there, so it's no surprise that once Cardi started getting some buzz, got signed to a label and show her love for Kim that she will start hating. It's so pathetic­čśĺ It's space and opportunity for EVERYONE #hatersgonnahate#thisisjustsad#smh#cardib

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