New Mom Shares Photo with Baby Online, Then Nurses Notice She Has an Infection

Kande Hein is using her tragic and scary experience with her baby daughter to warn mother's about common cold symptoms and how they can be hugely misconstrued. 

Kande was told her daughter Scarlett had the common cold and would recover quickly, but once Scarlett began refusing food and sleeping extra amounts, Kande's motherly instinct kicked in and she knew something was really wrong with her daughter.

Kande took Scarlett to the ER and discovered that her baby had Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), a common cold virus that can cause infections of the lungs and respiratory tract. RSV is extremely dangerous to small children like Scarlett, and most parents aren't aware of how fatal it can be for infants. 

Kande’s husband Owen rushed home from being deployed overseas and then something crazy happened. Watch the video above for the Hein's family story. 

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