DNA Tests Prove Tennessee Man Has Over 1,300 Illegitimate Children

Recently, a PI proved that an 87-year-old former Tennessee postman fathered over 1,300 illegitimate children. 

The investigation has taken roughly 15 years during which thousands of DNA samples and testimonies were collected to prove that one single man is the father of over a THOUSAND children in the same region.

The father said, "Contraception wasn’t very popular in those days. I have nothing to be ashamed of. The 60s were the good old days and I did a great Johnny Cash impression which played out real good with the ladies. Some even thought I was Johnny Cash for real. I don’t know if they really believed it or if they were trying to convince themselves, but who was I to say no to a quickie?”

Sid Roy, the PI, said "It all started in 2001 when two different men that had nothing to do with each other hired me to find their biological father. I was astounded after further investigation to realize they both originated from the same person. That is when the mystery started unraveling and it became a personal mission of mine, whenever I had some free time, I’d try and track down other testimonies. Eventually, DNA testing became really cheap and easy to use and helped me gather a lot of information in the latest years."

The two won't pursue lawsuits, and Sid explains that it's because, “The truth unleashed could break up hundreds or more families and that’s definitely not the point of all these years of research. All I know is that most people are glad to know the truth and don’t bear any grudge against the old man, I guess it was a more common practice in those days."

Roy believes that there are even more children than he thinks.

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