One Mistake Killed a Family of Four, and Chances are You've Made This Mistake Too

One little girl, 8-year-old Maria Chelysheva, was left orphaned after a easy mistake was made with her families leftover potatoes.

Did you know that rotting potatoes release deadly toxins? Well they do, and this family learned that in the most tragic way. This is why it's so important to store vegetables correctly. 

Her family members one by one went to get the potatoes from their cellar to cook dinner with that night. First was her father who went down and didn't come back. Then the same occurred with her mother. Following her mother was her brother, and finally, her grandmother called for help then, but still went to check.

The four of them died from the poisonous chemical that potatoes rotting releases, glycoalkaloid, which is both dangerous to consume and inhale.

When Maria went to check on her family members, she was spared because her grandmother had left the cellar door open, allowing some of the toxins to dissipate. 

Watch the video below and read the article for more information.

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