WATCH: Couple's First Meet After Talking and Dating Only Online for 3 Years

This girl met her boyfriend of three years, Phil, for the first time in the airport. 

She writes:

Just a little bit of background: we met online on some random app now about 5 years ago. We instantly clicked and just began skyping/talking on the phone everyday. Eventually we became a little distant and then a year later he messaged me and told me he still had feelings for me, a couple months later we became officially in a relationship and then a few months after that we met in person for the first time! He flew across the country to meet me (New York to California). Now we've both travelled to see each other more than a handful of times. It's been almost two years since we first met, unfortunately still long distance but hopefully we'll be coming together within the next year or two. Being in a long distance is super hard, but he's my best friend and I wouldn't want to be with anybody else. He's the person I feel most comfortable around, even within a few hours of us first meeting together in person i felt completely comfortable with him, as if I'd known him my own life. His dad came with him when he first visited in case anything when wrong during the trip, and I made sure to request that he record us meeting. Honestly completely forgot his dad was recording in the moment, and I'm so beyond grateful that he did!

Can you imagine dating someone for three years without having ever met them?

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