Son Always Comes Home with Headaches, When He Texts Mom Photos From Cafeteria, She’s Horrified

One school cafeteria in Virginia took some serious heat from a parent who could not believe what her son was being served. 

Beth, a mother to a son with chronic headaches after school, could not understand what was going on with her son. One day, he showed her pictures of the food they were being served at school and she couldn't believe the burnt pizza, charred meats, and so-called "ribs."

The furious mother contacted WTVR to spread the news and warn other local parents — and it led other students confirming the concerns.

The majority of the class didn't want to touch the food at school. “It just looked so unappetizing I could not bring myself to even try it at all,” one ninth-grader told WTVR.

Can you imagine if this was going on with your kid, and they came home starving everyday? 

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