Here's the Reason Why You Should NEVER Throw Your Boarding Pass Away

Most people toss their boarding passes after boarding their flight. We're all guilty of it, right? Leaving it on the plane, discarding it in the trash, crumbling it up in a random pocket in your carry-on...

Here's why you'll never want to do that again:

Apparently your boarding pass holds tons of personal information... the kinds of things you wouldn't want any stranger getting a hold of. 

A video from USA Today reveals that the QR code on your boarding pass is often used by hackers to obtain your personal information, like your home address and email address for starters. More obvious information includes your future travel plans and your frequent flyer account, according to KrebsOnSecurity.  All they'd have to do is use a barcode scanner app to gain access!

Read more about this at SHARED.COM

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