Joyner Lucas Disses Lil Yachty and Logic

Worcester’s own Joyner Lucas is in the middle of a big run right now as he gets ready to drop his upcoming ’508-507-2209’ project.  As hype for the release builds, Joyner’s been steadily putting out new freestyles.  

His latest, addresses Future, Lil Yachty and Logic over the “Mask Off” beat: “I don’t take no f*ing percocets / Molly, Percocets/No ecstasy, promethazine/No lean, no purple mess/No dirty Sprite but bitch, I got that Kyrie Irving step/If you don’t think that I’m the sh**, it’s just you ain’t heard me yet/I’m ’bout to put my mask on, my mask on/Stick all these industry n*** up until they cash gone… 

I’m about to grab ni*** by the throat / I’m about to crash Lil Yachty boat / I’m about to drag n*** by the coat… Don’t come near me with problems / And don’t you compare me to Logic (never)/Go listen to Sriracha… 

What’s up with you mumble n*** that never say nothin’?/I’m about to make all of you f*** go to bed in the oven”

Read the full story here and listen below:


Photo: Instagram


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