Summer Jam 2017 Backstage Style Report

Celebrity Makeup Artist Debra Macki talks designers and style with our Summer Jam 2017 performers. Check out the style interviews with Russ, Post Malone, French Montana, Kyle and even The Breakfast Club's very own Angela Yee:


DM: You are wearing your own line, There's Really A Wolf. Tell me how involved you were in designing it.

R: I have a really great friend who is a creative genius, Kid Super. This is all his idea. I told him I wanted him to do my album design and my merch. It's really important to trust people creatively. I don't micromanage him because he is a genius. 

DM: This is a clothing line, not typical merch. 

R: Yeah, it's fire. 

DM: Have you been wearing any other designers lately?

R: No, just my own line.

DM: Who designed your chains?

R: Jane the jeweler.


DM: You have fun style. Tell me about the chain you're wearing.

K: My homie, a very talented jeweler in LA called Big O. I told him I wanted to do rapper ice but authentic. We came up with this smiley face idea and I love it. He's made a lot of pieces for rappers.  

DM: What designers reflect your fun & positive vibes? Who do you like to wear?

K: I like investing into quality pieces I can wear more than once. My favorite brand to wear is Visvim but it's expensive.  I'm wearing Menace today and I love them too. 

DM: Have you found any indy designers lately that you love?

K: Kids of Immigrants are fire. You'll catch me rocking Rare Panther too. Shout out to Apollo! Love them.

DM: Do you have any favorite hair products? Any tips for your fans who have curly hair?

K: Cantu is a life saver. I love Cantu!

DM: What is the key to good curls?

K: Keeping your hair moisturized! Being mixed, my hair wants to do two different things at the same time. Both sides get in a fight. Ha!


DM: You aren't afraid to try new things, like the red nail polish you are wearing right now. How would you describe your style?

PM: Everywhere!

DM: You have fun with it especially in the Congratulations video. Did you keep any of the clothes from the video?

PM: That's all my stuff and I'll styled it myself. Fist bump! My Grape-arita matches your hair. It's super dope.

DM: Thanks! Who made your grill? 

PM: Toronto Grills. He's really killer. Everything is spot on, really shiny. Really ignorant. The way I like it.

DM: Who's your dream fashion collab? 

PM: Gucci. I just love the way Gucci fits. I have an awkward body and they fit me just right.  I'd love to have a line of Post Malone Gucci suits. Either them or St. Laurent. 


DM: Who are you wearing?

FM: Versace

DM: You have great style. How would you describe it? 

FM: My stylist Emily has a lot of input on my clothes but I've been this fly since I was young. It's in my blood.


DM: I think everyone is going to want to know the designer of your boots! Who are they by?

AY: Givenchy 

(Angela's makeup for Summer Jam done by Debra Macki. Hair by Tiffany Cantin.) 

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