After Daughter's Death, Father Bikes 2,000 Miles to Hear Her Last Heartbeat

20-year-old Abbey was on vacation in Mexico with her family when, for unknown circumstances, her and her brother ended up face-down and unconscious in the resort's pool.

She and her brother were both rushed to the hospital but Abbey suffered severe and irreversible brain injuries and was declared dead. Her brother survived and waited as Abbey's organs were prepared for donation.

Meanwhile, 21-year-old Loumonth Jack Jr. had just suffered his first heart attack from his congenital heart defect. He was given 10 days to live. That's when Abbey's heart became Jack Jr.'s. 

The hospital that had saved Abbey's organs sent letters to every person that received a lifesaving organ from Abbey asking if they'd like to meet her father. Jack Jr. was the only to respond, and that's when he and Abbey's father, Connor, arranged to meet.

Watch the touching video below to see their interaction.

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