Some Moron's Tweet Has Got Twitter Girls Up In Arms and Posting Bikini Pics

Meet the culprit, Twitter user @ElliottEdie35, and the tweet that's provoked the Twitter platform:

'Nuff said?

Twitter users are enraged and are in no way being shy about it, but are getting their fair share of retribution by posting bikini pics captioned with their weight (weights which are all above 110, thus healthy). The only thing we love about this tweet is how he unintentionally prompted a body-positive reaction from girls and guys all over the interweb. 

While @IdiotEdie35 says he 'just wanna see chicks in bikinis', what he has not considered is that comments like the one he made gravely harm women's body images, could contribute to detrimental eating and exercising behaviors, and perpetuate society's unrealistic and unhealthy expectations for women. For many women at average and above average heights, 110 is not a healthy weight.

All is well though, because he has also posted tweets like 'I don't talk to guys that's gay', and 'I'm a guy I don't fuck with trannies'. So clearly his judgement is compromised.

Here's Twitters reactions:

And of course, the sassy ones:

And the ladies who know what's up:

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