Twitter Is In a Frenzy Over Blac Chyna's Wigs Since Rob Kardashian Drama

If looks could kill (Rob's bank account), then Chyna's got a good thing going.

If you've been living in a cave and missed the recent Chyna and Rob drama, their separation took a hateful nosedive when Rob turned to Instagram to rant about Chyna's alleged infidelity. That's when he nearly crossed legal bounds (and certainly crossed Instagram's guidelines bounds) by posting multiple nudes of Chyna to his account. The racy photos were only online for a matter of minutes before Instagram removed them and revoked Rob's account. Unfortunately for Chyna though, the screenshots were plenty and news had already spread like wildfire.

This week, Chyna's riding the revenge railway and filed a restraining order against Rob for both the IG posts and domestic violence claims. That's when she showed up armed and ready (hypothetically, of course) both in court and in her Good Morning America interview preceding the hearing. 

Twitter jumped on what appears to be Chyna's new courtroom look, resembling a blend of Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating. 

Check out her new look below:

Chyna is no stranger to wigs - but this time around, the circumstances called for an entirely different look. And no one thinks it's a coincidence. 

Twitter called it out, and we're LOLing at their fantastic reactions:

Twitter doesn't disappoint, as per usual, and honestly, Chyna didn't either. We are here for these looks (and maybe even the drama too...).

Photo credit: Buzzfeed/Getty Images

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