DJ Jaz

Dj Jaz, born and raised in Boston, has proven himself to be one of the city’s finest DJ's by continuously mixing the hottest blends of music all over New England and other parts of the United States.

It all started when Jaz was a young teen, he would take the 49-bus route from Dudley Sq. to Downtown Crossing to purchase mixtape cassettes from the likes of DJ Clue, Funkmaster Flex, Cutmaster C, Kid Capri and many more. “I would collect all of the mixtapes I bought and edit the parts of the tapes that I liked the most and consolidate them into one cassette” – DJ JAZ. Little did he know this was the beginning of his mixing career.

Jaz went on to become an A-List barber with clientele such as members from the Boston Celtics, including 2008 NBA Finals, M.V.P., Paul Pierce. After years as a barber, Jaz decided to revert to his true passion by first purchasing a pair of Technics Turntables a Vestax mixer and crates full of 12 inch vinyl records - the rest is history.

However, DJ JAZ gives tremendous credit to the Barber industry in which he was a part of for over 10 years. During his barber years, Jaz would often go to the basement of the barbershop and practice for many hours until he felt comfortable enough to produce and release his very first DJ JAZ mixtape; properly titled, “Focused.” “I didn’t know what to name my first mixtape and I wasn’t even sure about my DJ name. I kept my real name and went with naming the mix “Focused” because that’s what I felt at the time, focused. I knew that I was going to be facing a lot of criticism and I reminded myself that I needed to stay true to myself and NOT let any negativity distract me from my ultimate goal” – says DJ JAZ of his unwavering desire to make it in the radio and music industry.

After numerous mixtape releases and many nightclub performances, DJ JAZ began to attract a lot of attention. Particularly in 2005, when he entered the Budlight Mixmaster King DJ competition and won. This solidified him as one of the best DJ’s around.

After graduating from The New England Institute of Art in 2006, DJ JAZ joined the JAM’N 94.5 Street team in hopes of getting closer to a shot at mixing on the radio. The opportunity became a reality in July of 2007 when he got to spin live On-Air on New England’s biggest Reggaeton mixshow, “Reggaeton Jamz" currently titled "Tropical Blenz." Jaz also went on to become a full-time producer at iHeartmedia as well as a mixer on JAM’N 94.5 FM and Kiss 108 FM. He now mixes every weekend on mixshows such as the “Friday Night Throwdown”, “Saturday Night Jumpoff” as well as live events like Summer Jam and Monster Jam, JAM’N 94.5’s major yearly concerts. He also crossed over to Kiss 108 FM’s “Weekend Blowout” and “Club Kiss" for many years.

Whether it be live at a club, mixtapes or on the radio, DJ JAZ separates himself from the pack by his level of high-energy mixing, scratching and versatility in his music selections. Mixing many genres like Hip Hop, Reggae, Reggaeton, Top 40, Dance, Old School and Latin. He knows NOT to limit himself as a DJ. “If you got skills, Use it! Don’t limit yourself, I learned that through years of experience.”- Says DJ JAZ.


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